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Tamil Thedal / தமிழ் தேடல்
* Use Num Lock key to toggle between Tamil & English. (Typewriter Layout) Click in the box above to start typing in Tamil.
If you are not able to type in Tamil in the box above,
click here to download Java Run-time(JRE).

Tamil Thedal (தமிழ் தேடல்) supports 6 Tamil keyboard Layouts.
Select any one of the 6 Tamil keyboard layouts given below:
DOE Phoenetic



Singapore IE



  Transliteration Facility
For users who are not familiar with the Tamil keyboard layouts, the website provides a Transliteration facility. This allows the user to type the Tamil text using the English characters without memorising the Tamil key sequences.
  Tamil Entry by Mouse Click Method
Using this facility, user can search in Tamil by using the Mouse clicks.

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